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The Life of a Snow Kitty

Living in the mountains can't be that bad...

My name is Jess. I am a furry and I have two main fursonas.

JessLyra (Lyra) is a grey Snow Leopard. She is Me. She has a little sister called Bagheera, who is actually a hand puppet snow mew IRL. Lyra is soon to be made into a Fursuit later this year.

Huru is my male fursona. He is an Okapi. He will also be made into a fursuit, next year. He has another form. The Derp Form known as the Kapio, which is an inverted Okapi (mainly stripey with brown legs).

I do artwork and take commissions. Please see FurAffinity or DeviantArt for more info. Both accounts are Jesslyra. This LJ account is now used for PKMNCOLLECTORS and Poke_arts communities. So no more emo rage rants.